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Contributions for new activities

Announcements are on the way to facilitate the opening of new entrepreneurial activities or freelance professions which will grant grants both non-repayable and in the form of vouchers for the purchase of capital goods and services for starting the business. Below are the main features. BENEFICIARIES a) young people under the age of 35; b) people unemployed for at least 12 months; c) people in conditions of marginality, social vulnerability and discrimination, as defined by the National Youth, Women and Work Plan; d) inactive people, as defined by the National Youth, Women and Work Plan; e) unemployed, inactive and unemployed women; f) unemployed beneficiaries of social safety nets recipients of the measures of the active policy program Guarantee of employability of GOL workers. The above beneficiaries can participate in the following legal forms: - in individual form by opening a VAT number for the establishment of an individual business or for carrying out a freelance activity, or - in collective form by establishing a cooperative company, limited partnership, general partnership, limited liability company or partnership between professionals. In the latter case, parties other than those indicated in letters a) to f) may participate, provided that the exercise of control and administration of the company remains with the aforementioned parties. CONCESSIONS (alternatively): 1) a voucher that can be used for the purchase of goods, tools and services for the start-up of activities, max €30,000.00 which can be increased to 40,000 euros in the case of the purchase of innovative, technological and digital goods and services or goods aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability or energy saving 2) a non-repayable contribution which is equal to 65% for investments up to €120,000, raised to 60% for investments over €120,000 and up to €200,000.

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